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We are based in the heart of Gauteng, the Land of Gold. 4 U Pure water takes pride in running its business with minimal overhead and maximum efficiency so we can offer the best prices and the superior services our customers deserve. At our warehouses we stock Reverse osmosis systems, water filters, filter media, filter housings, water dispensers, water bars and more, available for quick delivery/shipping to any location. 4 U Pure water provides high quality water purification products and services to great companies and institutions throughout South Africa and the world. This has resulted in a satisfied customer list of over 500 customers including Franchise Supply, Mould Engineering, government agencies, and many other well-known companies. In conclusion, 4 U Pure water carries many more water purification and water treatment products than what is available online, and we have access to even more water purification products. We are growing rapidly and constantly expanding our product line. 4 U Pure water is the place where everyone can find all the water purification equipment and consumables! Domestic & Industrial water filters & Water Purifiers – Water treatment Plants – Water Shop Setup.

Established in 2002 by Hennie Matthysen, primary as a company Setting up Water shops.

Installing home and industrial purification systems In 2021, due to the ever-increasing requests from interested people, we launched the 


These stores are retail outlets, trading under our branded name and owned by individuals, serving the public and retail with the same quality products currently produced for us.

They operate under our strict guidelines when it comes to quality products and hygiene standards.

These stores benefit from our vast experience in the bottled water Purification systems and beverage industry, which in turn helps the owner to run a successful business.

We are in constant strive to supply an honest and high-quality product to our customer.

4 U Pure Water will ensure customer satisfaction where ever and whenever we can.

4 U Pure Water endeavours to enhance productivity and create a better and healthier environment for everybody.

Our website features most of our products, with detailed descriptions, and will allow you to enquire as well as place an order for any of our purifiers.     

We have technologies to solve almost any problem, and we can assist you in choosing the most suitable for your particular needs.

Our machines have been used on almost all water businesses in South Africa.

  • Best price.
  • Best Advice
  • Africa’s water factory
  • Tailored filtration needs.
  • We Service Domestic as well  as Industrial Purifiers  

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