Provincial Master Franchise‚Äč

Provincial Master Franchise‚Äč

We are a water shop franchise company based in Gauteng, and are looking to expand our brand and open more waters hops in other provinces around South Africa. We are looking for business minded people who want to own the rights for the 4 U Pure Water Express Water Shop franchise in their province.

As a master franchise rights holder for that province, you will benefit as follows: -you will receive a once-off fee of r25 000-00 for every new 4 U P W Express Shop that opens in your province -you will receive a monthly passive income generated
from a percentage of sales from every 4 U P W Express Shop in your province -these will sell a wide range of purified 4 U P W Express Shop water, bottled water, fruit juices, related beverages, ice cubes, coffee and many more related products, which increases your monthly passive income from all stores.

You will receive R0-10c per litre from all purified water filled at all 4 U P W Express Shop in your province every month.

Head office gauteng will assist you to market and sell more 4 U P W Express Shops in your province. -the more 4 U P W Express Shops open in your province, the more monthly income you will receive.

We will only issue 1 master franchise license per province (WC will have 2) -training and support will be provided by head office -the value for your provincial master license increases by 10% every year -you may re-sell your provincial master
license via head office Gauteng, hereby Guaranteeing your investment and the value.

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